Scary Close & The Power of Habit

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jan. 18 2017

Scary Close & Power Habit : By. Peter Hassan


Teach Me Tuesday is an extremely valuable resource at CTC and a great opportunity for each employee to educate their coworkers about valuable life insights, tips and tricks for the workplace and much more. Having recently graduated college and being the newest member of CTC, my Teach Me Tuesday focused primarily on the notion that healthy relationships, habits and lifestyles can serve as incredible tools to broaden perspectives and increase awareness in our interactions on a daily basis. Life is constantly in flux and it is important to maintain a grounded understanding of the transformations and instabilities that occur in everyones lives. From the notion that it is important to impress fewer people and build stronger relationships to the idea that habits control 40% of our actions, it’s important to understand the framework of the ever-changing world in which we coexist and participate in each and everyday. Strong habits and relationships can not only lead to greater productivity but also deeper bonds between families, friends, coworkers and loved ones. Take a moment to reflect and acknowledge the good in people, sacrifice your inability to be wrong and challenge what it means to build a deeper connection with someone, because that’s the beauty of this thing called life. It won’t hurt you, I promise.


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We started this agency because we hated agencies… We began as entrepreneurs who lived on the brand side working every day to build and grow our own businesses. We worked with multiple agencies, all of whom were really talented, but every time there was this constant conflict. Our interest never seemed to be aligned. They were billing hourly and we wanted things done as quickly as possibly. There were constant debates about time. It became such a strain that the relationship would always deteriorate. After this experience we committed to establishing an agency model that removed that strain and better aligned the interests of the agency and client. We ditched the “digital marketing” title and decided instead to focus on SALES.
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