Ramping Up For For Q4? These 4 Tips Are The Only Way To Win.

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jul. 16 2018

Happy Q3!

You know what this means?

Time to start ramping up for the most wonderful, magical time of year. 

Q4 is the ideal time to introduce your brand to masses of Holiday shoppers, as well as increase lifetime value among your existing customers.

Here are some ever-growing Holiday stats from our friends at Facebook

The data is overwhelmingly obvious: If you’re not building momentum NOW on paid social for Q4, you’re missing out big time.

Here are 4 tips on how you can prep your dot com brand for a HIGHLY successful Holiday Season:


#1 Be OK with spending more prospecting dollars during the lazy Summer months so that you can remarket to these audiences in peak buying moments. Windows like Back-To-School shopping and Labor Day weekend are perfect times to swing big and build momentum since many shoppers are doing the bulk of their Holiday research during the August-October months. Stay far away from a fixed marketing budget and be open to taking more volume during the Summer months as long as you are still profitable.


#2 Make sure you’re testing a wide-variety of creative formats and placements to understand the type of ad units that work best for your brand across every part of the funnel. Some of our favorites include still images 15, 30, and 45-second video ads, collection ads, and carousel ads across Facebook & IG feed placements (optimized for mobile, of course). Trust us, creative testing paid off big for our client Love Wellness – resulting in 5x ROAS. Since you won’t know what’s working yet, try all creative types early so that you spend less time guessing during Holiday.


#3 Team up with other brands in your space to create gift-guides and collaborate on email strategies. Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Teaming up with brands in your space can be a strategic play to boost customer trust and inspire your customers during their Holiday research. Afterall, today’s consumers are buying a LIFESTYLE, not just a product. Use this tip well and you’ll be able to leverage similarly branded audiences that may have had no touch point with your brand before!


#4 Be prepared to maximize those post-holiday sale windows. In this digital age, pre-holiday pushes are not going to suffice. Days like Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day (yes it’s a thing) are all non-negotiable opportunities for your brand to acquire new customers and win old customers back. Shoppers are itching to spend gift cards and get a leg up on their New Year’s resolutions. We also recommend teasing Holiday sale offers by bumping your prospecting budget 2-3X a couple weeks before the actual sale. This is a way to acquire cheaper traffic and it gives more time for customers to fully enter your funnel.


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