Partner’s Picks: The Podcast Edition

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jun. 28 2018

Cory Hamilton | Super Bosses (The Audio Book)

When asked what his current favorite podcast is, Cory insisted on this audiobook… but he was so passionate about this topic that we let it slide this time.


“Unconventional hiring practices, encouraging top talent to leave, and getting into the trenches with employees… these are just some of the principles that Super Bosses covers, and also what we preach as leaders of CTC.” – Cory


Dive into Super Bosses if you’re a leader wondering how to manage the flow of talent with incredible mastery!


Taylor Holiday | How To Start A Startup


“How to Start A Startup was recorded during a Y Combinator / Stanford Business Class. It features some really amazing speakers and is a must listen for any founder.” – Taylor


Check out this lecture-style 20 episode podcast for incredible content on building a successful startup.


Iain Harris | Michael Gervais’ Finding Mastery


“It is always refreshing to listen to others examine the practice of present moment awareness, and the resulting impact it can have on our moment to moment experiences. Whether that attention is focused on individual well-being, athletic performance, business, relationship, or any other purposeful pursuit, this awareness unlocks so much.” – Iain


Iain’s favorite episode is on Rich Roll, a plant-powered wellness advocate and ultra athlete. If you’re looking to further understand the psychology behind high performance, this podcast is for you.


Jordan Palmer


“To be honest, I don’t listen to podcasts much. But the stuff I’ve heard the most and am most interested in is Dr. Mike Gervais and Finding Mastery – same as Iain. I believe that, at some point, people are capped on physical development. There’s a ceiling for all of us. But mentally, anything is possible. I’ve also experienced in my football life and entrepreneurial life that confidence, decisiveness and the handling of success vs. adversity is what separates people. I also think that you can train yourself in those areas. And that’s what is uncapped.” – Jordan


There you have it, another advocate for Michael Gervais’  incredible perspective on mastering your craft.


Josh Rodarmel | “The Problem With All-Stars, WorkLife With Adam Grant”

Team over me is a core value at 4×400. This podcast explains why it’s so important to be a part of something bigger than yourself and to have true humility in pursuit of a common goal.” – Josh

According to Adam Grant, “Humility isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of status and a source of strength.” At CTC, we couldn’t agree more. One of the best ways to maintain humility is to remain teachable and malleable… so KEEP LEARNING! Pick your favorite partner and check out what they’re excited about this month.

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