Meet Our Newest Rookies

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 17 2018

Guys, we’re on a hiring spree and we’re LOVING it!


Meet this week’s rookies and hear what they’re all about.


Oh, and P.S. – we’re still on the hunt for SEVEN new positions! Head [HERE] to apply yourself, or send recommendations our way!



Krista Gregory | Graphic Designer (Team Cash Tag $#)


BEFORE CTC |  I worked as a graphic designer at a church in Dallas for two years, then came back to California to work as a conversion (graphic) designer in CRO at KlientBoost, a nearby PPC agency.


Fun Facts About Krista | I played lots of sports growing up including soccer, softball and even threw discus in high school. Soccer was the biggest game for me though. I played soccer from the time I was 5 all the way through college for the Point Loma Nazarene University women’s soccer team.


FROM |  I’m from Lake Forest, CA. WOOT! Idk not very exciting – just a little city full of families, movie theaters, and shopping.


We asked Krista what her first impressions of CTC were after her first day, and here’s what she said!


“My first day at CTC was filled with excitement as soon as I walked in. We were ushered through the big metal sliding door and about 40 smiling, cheering faces greeted us with high fives and congratulations. Next was my favorite part. We huddled up, and everyone talked about something they were grateful for that week.

At this point, I’m totally pumped and excited that I get to be in a place where sharing thankfulness is a norm and encouragement and inspiration is second nature.”



Scott Barman | Graphic Designer (Team 3TC)



BEFORE CTC | Prior to joining CTC, I was working in the field of SEO/growth marketing as well as doing freelance front-end web development, user interface design, and graphic design. Prior to that, I held several positions as a business admin as well as a sound designer for online commercials, infographics, and iOS/Android applications.


Fun Facts About Scott | I studied music theory and composition in school and have always been a pretty big music nerd. In my free time, I still like to produce music. Quite a departure from the 7 years of youth baseball I played!


FROM | I was born in Morristown, NJ but have lived in California for the bulk of my life.


We asked Scott what his first impressions of CTC were after his first day, and here’s what she said!


“Upon entering the door, we were greeted by an adorable pug named Pita and an ocean of smiling faces, all cheering for us. I felt like I worked here for months and it had only been minutes.”



Grant Zanini | VP Product Development 



BEFORE CTC | After exiting theAudience, a social media & influencer agency, my wife and I launched an online business in Jan 2017 (which we currently own and operate).


Fun Facts About Grant | I’m terrified of hippos. Most free time is spent at the beach, chasing our toddler son around and somewhere in storage, I have an impressive Barry Bonds baseball card collection from the mid 90’s


FROM | Modesto, CA


We asked Grant what his first impressions of CTC were after his first day, and here’s what he said!


“Day 1 at CTC was unlike any other onboard I’ve experienced. Specifically because of transparency and intentionality that was at the forefront of the ‘Team’ culture, being carried out by each individual I encountered.”