The Weekly Roundup: Episode 6

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jul. 12 2019

Bye Bye Bullies

Instagram is taking another step to a less toxic and more enjoyable user experience! The popular social media app has been under heavy scrutiny in regards to their lack of regulation regarding cyber bullying. Those with large followings specifically have been at the mercy of evil trolls posting cruel comments on their pictures for years.

In order to combat the unexpected hate-filled community that’s formed, Instagram is launching a new AI feature that will notify users when a comment they write could be considered offensive before they post it. Instagram said it will also soon begin testing a new feature called "Restrict" that will allow users to hide comments from specific users without notifying those users that they’ve been muted.

This is one of the many ways Instagram has adjusted to make the platform less of a “pressurized environment”. Now Twitter, it’s your turn!

Source: NBC News

There’s a New B*tch On The Block

Online networking just got a whole lot less awkward! GirlBoss, the media company ran by Sophia Amoruso, just launched a female-focused networking platform for women of all ages and industries to connect.

The biggest differences between their main competitor, Linkedin, is that GirlBoss focuses less on the resume and more on the individual as a whole. That means users are able to share content, life moments, accomplishments, while also participating in “fireside chats” with thought leaders in a range of different careers and industries.

So ditch the awkward happy hour mixers and head over to Girlboss now!

Source: Tech Crunch

They’re (Not) Listening To You

Let’s put on our tin foil conspiracy hats for a moment. Anyone ever have the experience where you and a friend were talking about the latest Nike shoe release and then you go to Instagram five minutes later and you are seeing ads from Nike?

Well I know I have, and one begins to wonder if Instagram (and it’s parent company Facebook) are listening to our conversations. It seems a bit eerie and way too coincidental.

The current head of Instagram Adam Mosseri came out and officially debunked the myth that they are listening to our conversations. According to him, there are two possibilities to explain this. In his words “One is dumb luck, which can happen. The second is you might be talking about something because it’s top of mind because you’ve been interacting with that type of content more recently.” All in all, he said we have to trust him on this, which he admittedly understands can be hard to do.

Source: NBC News

You Get an Ad, You Get an Ad, You Get an Ad

If you’ve been following along with advertising on Facebook, you’ll know that the ad space on the platform is becoming limited. Facebook has even come out and said that they are reaching a saturation point.

The next platform they will be leaning on to generate ad revenue is our favorite picture/video app: Instagram.

Naturally, it only makes sense that they will be diversifying how they serve ads. Instagram will now be rolling out ads to the "Explore" page on Instagram, where users can view content that relates to their interests from accounts that they don’t necessarily follow.

For advertisers, this is a way to get in front of more users on the platform and reach new users who are looking to discover something new. For users, it is a way for them to find the next product or business that they might love.

Source: NBC News