Likes, Comments, Shares, Facebook Ads

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jan. 09 2017

#QuestionOfTheDay:  Likes, Comments, Shares, Facebook Ads


Common Thread Collective strategist Andrew Faris discussed the value of social metrics for your conversion-centered Facebook Ads. Should you be focusing on how many like, comments, and shares your Facebook ads are receiving, or are their other important metrics you should be looking for.




Should You Care How Many Likes, Comments, and Shares Your Facebook Ads Get?


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We started this agency because we hated agencies… We began as entrepreneurs who lived on the brand side working every day to build and grow our own businesses. We worked with multiple agencies, all of whom were really talented, but every time there was this constant conflict. Our interest never seemed to be aligned. They were billing hourly and we wanted things done as quickly as possibly. There were constant debates about time. It became such a strain that the relationship would always deteriorate. After this experience we committed to establishing an agency model that removed that strain and better aligned the interests of the agency and client. We ditched the “digital marketing” title and decided instead to focus on SALES.


E-Commerce is simple:




Everything we do revolves around our ability to increase the variables in this formula.


We don’t know healthcare or payments processing or real estate but we do know the active lifestyle consumer good space better than anyone. Our company is founded by athletes and entrepreneurs who have the rare vantage point of understanding the locker room and the board room. So we work where we have always played, and we are committed to focusing only on the things we know best.


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