Increase Your ROI On Dreaming

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 06 2019

Whether you know it yet or not, you’re a dreamer.

If you feel dissonance towards that statement, it may be because you haven’t unlocked the life changing power of a dream community yet. 

Dreaming is so central to the culture at Common Thread Collective that there isn’t a single person here who doesn’t have dreams they are exploring and/or pursuing. Having a community at your fingertips that can assist you in achieving dreams is a gold mine of opportunity.

How can you make the most of it and increase your return on investment when it comes to dreaming?

Here’s two CTC entrepreneurs who are doing it well...

Exhibit A: Jake 

Dreaming Common Thread Collective

CTC's Web Developer and Future Comedian

What is Jake doing to make sure his ROI on dreaming is high? He cares about keeping others accountable to their dreams and they, in turn, care about his and hold him accountable for his own pursuit. 

Up until recently, Jake worked in a department of exactly two: himself and his cousin / fellow web developer, Nico Chavez. A social butterfly at heart, his extroverted dreams came true when he joined Pursuit groups (accountability teams of 4 to 8 like-minded Dreamers who meet once a month to achieve their dreams together). 

In this setting, Jake has become a champion of accountability. He plays a pivotal role in the group by keeping the team connected between sessions via Slack updates. Of course, it’s a two-way road; his investment in the dream culture at CTC has been mutually beneficial. 

When asked who has lent a helping hand in the pursuit of his dream, his list stretched across fifteen names. That’s a total of sixteen people giving and receiving in the pursuit of dreams, pushing one another forward towards achievement. 

Investing in others to achieve a mutual goal ties Jake’s community together, resulting in mutual benefit.

Exhibit B: Krista

Dreaming Common Thread Collective

Digital Media Designer and Future Coffee Shop Owner

What is Krista doing to increase her ROI on dreaming? Rather than attempting to achieve her dream in isolation, she notices unique skills in the people around her and asks them to get involved doing something they love. 

Krista is the poster child for activating a community to help in the pursuit of a dream. 

When Krista declared her dream to open a coffee shop (Dream House Coffee: coming soon!!) little did she know that it would attract an army of people at CTC willing to use their talents + passions to help her achieve her dream, such as: 

  • Our Brand Manager with a passion for woodworking spearheading the building of Krista’s coffee cart 
  • Our Culture & Care Specialist with barista experience training her on using an espresso machine 
  • Our Creative Strategy Manager writing an album providing music at the kick-off night for her coffee cart 
  • Our Director of Finance offering guidance in business planning 
  • A community at CTC who care about her dream and offer to connect her resources and networks, act as sounding boards for her brainstorming, and remain constant encouragement during the difficult trek to achieving a dream

The best part is, these are all things that these people enjoy doing! Krista’s investment in the community was awareness. She noticed people; their unique skills, qualities, passions, and desires. She made them feel seen and then she called on them to contribute what they have to offer. 

Collaboration is not a burden for the people involved if you only take the time to notice what skills people want to offer the world. Be intentional and you can unlock the support system of your dreams (...pun intended).