If You Are Not Doing This, Your Brand Will Die.

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jul. 08 2019

If you have ever lost hair or money over why your ads aren’t working, you have found the right place to be on the internet. I want to keep this simple, clear, and to the point because this is very important: Messaging matters. 

You’ve probably heard that a million times, but with over $100 million spent on ads and testing thousands of creative concepts, we’ve found it’s actually true. No surprise, I have an easy way to fix your messaging immediately in your ads. 

The biggest paradigm shift I have had in copywriting for our clients is understanding this very simple concept that is now being implemented in all of our creative brainstorms:

The customer is the hero of our brand’s story, not us.

The fatal mistake we make as a brand is feeling the need to prove ourselves and we start to slowly position ourselves as the hero. Our customers are not looking for another hero, they’re looking for a guide.

What do I mean when I say guide? Just like any story you’ve ever seen or read – every hero of a story has a guide. Luke Skywalker has Yoda, Frodo has Gandalf, Katniss has Haymitch... we could go on and on. 


So, how can you position yourself as a guide today in your ads?
There are two characteristics you can work on immediately:
  1. Empathy
  2. Authority

#1 Express Empathy 

Oprah Winfrey once explained that the three things every human being wants most are...

  1. To Be Seen 
  2. To Be Heard 
  3. To Be Understood

Knowing this, do you know your customers problems and are you expressing authentic empathy to those problems? Do they feel like you have something in common with them or do you sound like every other marketer?

A great example of empathy in copywriting is illustrated through our client Love Wellness. Our text copy explains founder Lauren Bosworth’s empathy for a common issue that women have and how she has addressed it to change the world of women’s health.

Love Wellness Common Thread Collective ☝️By expressing empathy in our ad copy, this helped our ad perform at a 4x ROAS

#2 Express Authority

Nobody likes a know-it-all or wants to preached at. But, how can you express authority for your brand without coming off as braggy? 

These are 3 easy ways to implement authority into your ad messaging today:

1. Reviews and Testimonials: Let others do the talking for you. Whether it’s UGC, using reviews as ad copy, or showing screenshots of happy customers that DM you – keep your reviews brief. It won’t take long for a customer to trust you. If you have a lot of reviews to pull from, focus on reviews that tell of a customer feeling like the hero in their own story.

2. Statistics: How many people have you helped? How much time, money and life have you saved them?

3. PR Quotes, Logos, or Awards: Awards or PR quotes that the community that you are targeting trust, go a LONG way.

Love Wellness
☝️By utilizing this concept, our ad hit a 4.85x ROAS