I see it, I want it, I click it, I buy it.

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Feb. 13 2019


Whether you’re a seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist or brand new to the world of ecommerce, we could all use a refresher on thinking like an advertiser when designing new ads.

CTC’s M.O. when creating new ads, analyzing best performing ad creative, or ideating on ways to improve underperforming ads is to think through the following four questions:

  1. Who is this ad for?
  2. Why would they (the consumer) stop?
  3. Why would they click?
  4. Why would they buy?

In other words, your goal is to have every consumer scrolling their feed to be shamelessly screaming 7 Rings when they see your ad.

Let’s practice, shall we?

This ad is currently performing at 5.5X Return On Ad Spend. FIVE POINT FIVE PEOPLE.

WHY is it working so well?

Watch it and then let’s talk.

1. Who is this ad for? Within the first 3 seconds of this ad, it’s clear that this ad is for EVERYONE. No matter your skin type or shade, whether you’re on the go or getting ready at home, this Foundation Stick is for you.

2. Why did they stop? Let’s be honest, this ad has it all. A quick, attention grabbing intro. Product on white showcasing three different shades. Bold, friendly colors that are on brand. A straight-to-the-point headline that communicates WHAT the product is and WHY you should buy it. This ad is the definition of thumb-stopping.

  • 3. Why did they click? This ad perfectly features a user generated how-to that ropes you into watching the product in use. On top of that, the body copy includes a five-star review from a real live human. You quickly learn that this product is easy to use and perfect for all skin types, but especially perfect for yours 😉

  • 4. Why did they buy? We’ve said it over and over again, and we’ll say it again. People buy things for two reasons: price, and a recommendation from someone they trust. This ad checks both boxes. Not to mention, when you click through, you’re taken straight to the PDP and you’re just two clicks away from your new favorite beauty companion arriving on your front doorstep.

    Does your account need a creative refresh but you’re not sure where to start. Try using this four question framework and you’ll be well on your way to creating scroll-proof ads.