How We Drove 80,000 Purchases For One Client During the Holidays (and Caught Facebook’s Eye)

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Mar. 21 2018

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the most wonderful time of the year for us in ecommerce, and this past holiday season brought us a particularly wonderful haul: huge holiday success with PupSocks, a company that puts images of your beloved pet on a pair of brightly colored socks.


The numbers don’t lie: we generated 90% of PupSocks’ revenue for last year over the holiday season, driving 80,000 purchases in the course of the holiday season, while maintaining a whopping 3.7x return on ad spend.


PupSocks’ success with us is a great example of how the right product paired with the right audience on social media can create ecommerce fireworks. We found people who loved pets; and we put simple, direct ads describing clearly what PupSocks is in front of that audience.


That’s the secret of advertising on social—there’s not really much of a secret. Do whatever you can to make it clear to your audience exactly what your product is, and get that message in front of the right audience. Maybe it seems like it should be more complicated than that, but it’s not. We often see entrepreneurs stumble when they try to sell their product with a clever tagline rather than a straightforward description. We believe the best way to sell your product is to find your version of PupSocks’ chosen headline: “Your Pup—On Socks!”


Don’t take our word for it though—check out Facebook’s writeup on our success story here: