How To Win (Or Lose Miserably) With Facebook Messenger Ads

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jan. 10 2018

In August of 2017, Facebook made Messenger Ads available worldwide, claiming that this new feature was going to allow advertisers to expand their reach and diversify their approach. But has it lived up to its charge?


Here are the facts:


2 BILLION MESSAGES are sent between people and businesses each month (Both automated and people-initiated).


53% OF PEOPLE are more likely to shop with a business they can message.


56% OF PEOPLE would rather message than call customer service.


As the world of digital marketing continues to grow and shift, customers are craving personal (or what feels personal) interaction. They also demand an immediate response. Facebook Messenger has potential to automate both–so long as you use it correctly. However, a Messenger misuse can really screw ya. Here are three ways you can win with FB Messenger Ads and three ways you could lose entirely.


Win: Easily scale customer communication. Even if you don’t have the staff support to reply to messages manually, you can utilize chatbots to respond quickly and efficiently to communicate with your customers. This gives your customers a chance to overcome doubts and objections so you can conveniently move them down the funnel towards purchase.

Lose: Robots don’t have souls. The bottom line is: FB messages are just impersonal. No matter how human-like you make your bot sound, bots will always lack traits like empathy, and be incapable of offering custom solutions for those customers that require a little extra TLC. In the case that a bot just won’t do, you’ll have to have a live backup ready (which is a luxury not all of us have).


Win: Go beyond engagement and start nurturing your leads. Use Messenger as a way to do automated abandoned cart reminders or to inform people that your Holiday Sale is ending soon. Messenger ads are great if you’re looking for a frugal route, since you’ll only be charged when someone actually engages back. Messenger ads typically have an abnormally high click-through rate, and open rates averaging around 25%! Which is GREAT!

Lose: Annoy the heck out of your customers. Honestly, Messenger ads are intrusive. Also even though Instagram is supported in a Messenger campaign, we recommend unchecking it. Even though this could up your click-through rates, no one scrolling through their Instagram feed wants to be redirected to Messenger.


Win: Use it as a remarketing play. Messenger ads are great for customers that are already engaged and familiar with your brand. Since they have to opt in for you to be able to message them in the first place, they’re clearly interested in your brand on some level. Tips for remarketing via Messenger: keep your copy short, include clear CTAs, and make sure to send over some love like an “exclusive” discount code.

Lose: Messenger ads have zero prospecting potential. We’ll say it again: Messenger ads can only reach customers that are already actively engaged in your brand. If you’re trying to reach new audiences or grow your user base, these aren’t for you.


In our personal experience with Messenger ads, we’ve seen them require a substantial time investment, with rather low conversation rates. So as your resident digital marketing experts, we shamelessly recommend that you ask us how you can put your money where it matters.


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