How to use Facebook Ads to Turn Baseball Gloves into Wallets.

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Mar. 27 2018

We started Common Thread Collective because we hated agencies. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we  were tired of always feeling at odds with the agencies we hired, arguing over hours billed and generally feeling a sense of disconnect with the people to whom we were trusting the brands that were so precious to us.


So we committed to establishing an agency model that better aligned the interests of the agency and client.


We recognized that the agency model has a distinct advantage—it allows you to see what advertising works across a dozens and dozens of businesses. And advertising best practices can (and should) inform the way your brand looks and feels, how you photograph and present your product, and how you manage sales, discounts, and special offers.  


So, in order to further our commitment to tying product and message together as tightly as possible, we started 4×400, an incubator that buys, builds, and brings brands to life—all with an eye toward creating paid social ads that move product while maintaining the brand-side experience that our clients deserve.


That’s when we bought FC Goods, a company that manufactures fine leather wallets out of vintage baseball gloves.


We knew this product would be a winner, but it needed to be completely re-imagined for an ecommerce environment—because online, everything is advertising. Think about it—the internet allows you to bring your store right to the consumer. Which means that your store is your billboard.


Here’s what we did—

  1. Ran a proof-of-concept campaign during father’s day using Facebook video ads. (And we sold out of product in three days).
  2. Re-conceived the brand’s look, tone and messaging.
  3. Went to the Dominican Republic to build a new set of products.
  4. Shot product photography on-site following best practices that we know will work on Facebook.
  5. Played a baseball game (because we were already in the DR and baseball is fun).
  6. Began building the website to be ecommerce friendly.


Next stop—officially launching the brand and running it using the insights we’ve gleaned from the $1 million-plus in Facebook ad spend we’ve been converting on. will be fully built and ready to go this spring, just in time for the lazy days of summer baseball. Check ‘em out here—it’s a work in progress right now. But hey—we’re numbers people. We like to show our work.  


If you want to know more about our brand-based, entrepreneur-first approach, let us know below! We’re excited to hear how we can help you get where you want to go together.






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