How To Decide Which Marketing Agency To Work With

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 07 2019

There are hundreds of digital marketing agencies out there, but how do you decide which to work with? Price often becomes the primary decision maker for what agency brands choose to partner with. 

Although a cheap deal sounds great in theory, we’re tired of seeing businesses get taken advantage of in the race-to-the-bottom for competitive pricing. That’s why we’re sharing how to understand agency economics so that you can deeply consider these factors when choosing a marketing agency to work with.  

Our Managing Partner, Taylor Holiday walks us through a simple example that you can apply to your own business to determine what the service cost might be on the work you’ll be receiving from a potential agency partner. 

The secret: More often than not, the best pricing deal ends up being the worst deal for your business. So, make sure the deal structure you’re after gets you quality service over cheaper service. 

Want the best deal for your brand? Let’s work together.