Holiday Calendar: Why This Season Is Different (And What To Do About It)

by Taylor Holiday

Nov. 22 2019

When we released our calendar article for Black Friday, Cyber Monday planning, we underestimated one dramatic detail.

Now that the big days are upon us, we discovered that Cyber Monday’s shift from Nov. to Dec. is having a dramatic effect on reporting and conversion rates in the early part of the holiday season.

We repeat: Cyber Monday is in December this year, not November

There’s going to be a discrepancy within those big revenue days for most of your brands. So, if you’re tracking data and revenue by looking at year-over-year revenue growth — instead, look at the 2nd of Nov. through the 2nd of Dec. as compared to Nov. of last year.

In tandem with this, conversion rates are picking up dramatically in the week leading up to Black Friday, indicating that the week before BFCM is more important than ever before.

The response?

Brands are releasing their holiday campaigns and offers earlier than ever.

Last year, we had 25 days after Cyber Monday to reach the last-day-of-shipping threshold before Christmas. This year, we only have 20 days.

There are far fewer days to capitalize on your revenue.

To make this actionable for your own business, revenue plan by realizing that there is a lost week after Cyber Monday this year. Be aggressive about starting your paid media campaigns early ahead of BFCM.

Be extra aggressive after Cyber Monday ends to catch up on revenue.

Last year was a massively different season than this year. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your past media planning timelines will work the same.

Taylor Holiday is the CEO of Common Thread Collective. A former professional baseball player who lucked into entrepreneurship over a decade ago, Taylor lives in Southern California with his amazing wife and three kids — “who are my world.” He’d love to connect with you on Twitter or LinkedIn.