Focusing On How You Can Help vs. How You Can Sell

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Apr. 23 2019

Jordan Palmer and I recently attended Roth Conference, one of the world’s largest growth conferences that brings together industry leaders, brands, investors and entrepreneurs alike. 

Each person has a story to tell and a reason as to how they ended up in that position. Many folks are there to speak on a panel, many to hopefully secure funding for their series A or series B round and then there are just some people looking to connect with interesting folks in the business world who have a purpose, dream and place they want to get to.

As we strolled around the grounds and bumped into many familiar faces, it became clear that the only way to truly differentiate yourself as a connector, networker or business owner is to speak truthfully about what it is that you stand for and why that’s important to your culture.


How You Can Help: 

Jordan and I sat in on a panel that focused on consumer brands in the digital world today. A gentleman by name of Evan Hafer - CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Co. preached the importance of authentic storytelling and the relationship with the consumer in a wildly informational & content filled world.

When we think about how we differentiate ourselves as an agency, there are numerous factors that allow for us to feel confident in staking our claim as to why we truly feel different. There are many businesses that can tactically help brands scale their online revenue, but what’s important to us is to figure out how we can be the best partner. Whether it’s our mission of helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams - driven by our TMYD program to help our own employees achieve their dreams or our company’s cultural goal focused on helping clients achieve theirs, we feel confident in that statement as an agency.


How You Can Sell: 

 Tactically speaking, our priority in focusing on testing creative as the variable difference maker in advertising allows us to support that mission in terms of how we think about what we are here to do - which is help people sell product digitally.

When you think about a customer’s experience with a brand, it’s no different than the beginning of a relationship. You have an initial touchpoint or first impression, and must present yourself as best as you can in that interaction. Is that through advertising, a piece of printed material, a conversation between two friends?

 The same holds true in business development and new client interaction. We have one opportunity to present ourselves to the brand, client & team so it’s crucially important that we maintain our authenticity and focus on how we can help versus how we can sell.

 At the Roth Conference earlier this week we were reminded that sales don’t necessarily flourish as a result of a pitch or specific data - the best partnerships are those that are aligned in terms of vision, expectation, relationship & purpose - so talk about what’s really core to your business and where you see it going and let the rest unfold as it should.