Automatic Placements: Deliver The Best Ads To The Best Customers

Recently, Facebook released their “Power 5” containing the best practices media buyers should utilize when advertising on the business manager platform. No surprise, Automatic Placements are among those five power user tools. 

Automatic Placements are a default option given on the ad set level that automatically display your creative where it is most likely to perform best. This could include Facebook, Instagram, or Audience Network and even smaller subsets of these options as well. 

If you are an experienced media buyer, you know that it is no secret that Facebook has been pushing people on the platform to utilize Automatic Placements for their advertising. This is probably the tool that gets the most pushback from agencies and buyers, for good reason…

As a marketer, why wouldn’t I want more targeted advertisements that put my best creative in the most native placement where it will perform best? 

If you’re asking yourself that question, then naturally you’re probably wondering why media buyers should be utilizing this tool. 

Well, for starters, computers are smarter than humans. We have the ability to analyze only a few variables at a time. This is why we are so interested in the data surrounding which placement performs best. 

The interesting part though, is that when you give a computer the same problem, it takes an omni-channel approach to a solution. Take traditional marketing for example. If you see an ad on a bus station and then go home to watch a TV commercial for the same product, you are much more likely to remember that product.

This is the approach Facebook is taking, but through machine learning. With the ability to show creatives across platforms in many different native types, your advertisements tend to be much more memorable and will drive purchasing behavior more efficiently and effectively. 

Image Credit: Facebook Power 5

With the right campaign objective set, Automatic Placements in combination with CBO tends to use relevant placements that optimize campaigns for the cheaper possible cost-per-result outcome. It still manually targets placements for FB/IG Stories focused campaigns and also messenger ads.

We encourage all media buyers and brands to test and trust automatic placements in their advertising strategy. This is by far the best way to allow Facebook to do what it does best: learn, optimize, and execute to help your brand grow.  

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