Facebook Account Simplification: How To Improve Ad Efficiency

Use a campaign-oriented approach to simplify account structure.

The old way of ad account setup meant manually creating multiple campaigns and ad sets, causing redundancy. With Facebook’s Power 5 tactics, the new power play is to utilize account simplification. By simplifying your account structure, you allow Facebook’s machine learning to auto test which creative and ad placements drive the best results so that they can optimize for you in real time.

Hacking your way to performance through super granular and hyper targeted campaign and ad set strategies are over. Whether we’re talking about $1 ad sets or breaking audiences out by specific placements and/or demographics, those tactics that worked so well in the past are no longer strategies that will allow you to scale nor are they taking advantage of the value that Facebook’s algorithm and machine learning have to offer.  

Image Credit: Facebook Account Simplification

Account simplification at CTC looks like this: 

One campaign for Prospecting (Top Funnel), one campaign for Re-Engagement (Mid Funnel), one campaign for Re-marketing (Bottom Funnel), and one campaign for DPA’s (Bottom Funnel). Inside of those campaigns there should never be more than 3-5 ad sets, especially if you are using CBO (which you should be). 

Part of our account simplification strategy includes shifting from hyper targeted audiences (that most likely have a lot of overlap) to broad audiences that will allow you to scale. For example, instead of separately targeting 5 different interests that are all 1M person audiences, we are “stacking” all of those interests into one ad set and shifting towards targeting broad interests and/or broad lookalikes instead of those hyper targeted audiences that have a lot of overlap and redundancy.  

Buying into this simplification strategy and the rest of Facebook’s Power 5 tactics will allow you to spend your time thinking about what really matters, rather than spending hours in your ad account pulling on different levers and adjusting the budgets on 100 different ad sets.   

To learn more about how we can help you increase your ad performance by implementing Facebook's Power 5 tactics, contact us here. 


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