Dynamic Ads: The Best of Facebook Ad Automation

At CTC, we believe that Dynamic Ads are the most powerful tool that Facebook offers. When it was named one of Facebook’s Power 5 tactics, it was clear that automation is the future of media buying. 

Facebook’s Power 5 tools all reveal a theme of less manual hacking and more automation to drive ad success. Believe it or not, automation can even apply to your ad creative.

Dynamic Ads allow you to personalize your ads without the manual work. Through Facebook’s machine learning, Dynamic Ads pull products from your Shopify product catalog and show converting customers ads for products that are tailored to their interests. 

This means that Facebook is doing the heavy lifting for you by finding the right people to purchase the right product. No stress over manually updating your ads to reflect pricing or availability – Dynamic Ads will work for you as long as you want and automatically update to offer what is relevant in your inventory.

Dynamic Ads are an extremely effective way for both re-marketing to your customers and even for prospecting. They’re an essential part of our strategy at Common Thread Collective because they are clear, targeted to the right customers, and can run in tandem with automatic placements. 

Image Credit: Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook's reference to Dynamic Ads is the same as Dynamic Product Feed Ads. But, building on this, CTC’s secret weapon of late for mid-funnel high ROAS has been Dynamic Creatives.

Here's how it works: You upload up to ten images or videos to Facebook, up to five text captions (I prefer using all five), up to five headlines, up to five link descriptions (I use one or two) and up to five CTA buttons (I use one "Shop Now").

The magic is letting Facebook figure shit out for you - with automation. And it works fantastically well!

We are now 🤖automating 🤖our campaigns at the...

✔ Ad Set level with Campaign Budget Optimization

✔ Ad Creative level with Dynamic Ads

From pitch to sale, Dynamic Ads are an easy and effective way to turn shoppers into buyers. With the combination of Dynamic Product Ads and Dynamic Creative Testing, you can create a bulletproof ad strategy.

To learn more about how CTC can help you improve your ad performance by implementing Facebook's Power 5 tactics, contact us here. 

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  • DB

    Awesome post as always, CTC Team! :)

    Quick question about Dynamic Creatives (not dynamic retargeting/catalog sales, but rather uploading numerous ad creative components for prospecting campaigns)…

    I totally understand and am excited about the idea of letting FB algorithm do the heavy lifting of optimizing for the winning ad creative combination. However, as far as I can tell by using dynamic creative, you cannot see any reports on which specific creative components/combinations produced the best results…? As such, it’s tough to tell which types of creatives performed best, to inform future ad creative production.

    How would you recommend getting around this shortcoming in FB ads manager’s reporting on the effectiveness of the various ad creative variants?

    I guess one way would be to, when trying to validate whether a new type of creative (for example, using memes versus videos) is more effective than what you’ve been running previously, create a standalone campaign for (in this case) memes only, and see if that campaign’s overall performance was better from the other video-only campaign?

    Would love to hear your two cents on this. Thanks again for putting out such incredibly valuable content!!


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