Don't Confuse Basecamp With The Summit

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

May. 08 2019

Although I’m not much of a hiker, the Colorado native in me always circles back to mountain metaphors. So if you’re curious about what Dream Day is... it’s basecamp on a trek up Everest.

Does Everest seem too daunting of a metaphor for dreaming? It’s not. Pursuing a dream is hard. It’s meant to expand what you believe about your own capacity. It’s meant to build your own belief in your ability to achieve great things.

When our entrepreneurs are hired at CTC, they are opted into a program called “Tell Me Your Dreams” (TMYD). If aren’t familiar with TMYD, it’s essentially the greatest thing since sliced bread, a pillar of culture at CTC, and something every company should invest in. You can learn more about it here

Dream Day is the send-off party before someone starts the climb.

At Dream Day, our Dreamers show up to declare their destination to the rest of their team & loved ones. With all of CTC in attendance, the Dreamer shares the story about their journey to basecamp.

  • Why did they chose the dream that they did?
  • What roadblocks did they need to overcome to get to basecamp?
  • What is their first step in climbing this summit?
  • What do they need from their team in order to make their climb possible?

It’s a special moment.

There is a lot of visual magic that goes into Dream Day— a space-themed podium, shimmery backdrop, bottles of Martinellis, and personalized walk-out songs— but the true magic will come down the road when someone faces a chasm or a seemingly-immovable obstacle, and they conquer it. Now, that is magic.

Dream Day is a celebration as a Dreamer leaves basecamp & begins the ascent, not to be confused with the epic party that will take place when they plant their flag at the top.