Curing The One-Woman-Band Syndrome

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Sep. 12 2018

Teamwork = Actual Dreamwork


I’m writing this on my one-year anniversary of working at Common Thread Collective, so bear with me while I get a bit reflective.


When I started at CTC, I had what I’ve now deemed the One-Woman-Band Syndrome. I believed I was faster and more efficient alone. Less obstacles, more output.


Maybe it’s an oldest child symptom, maybe it comes from years in track and field, or perhaps I’m the victim of a generational disease.


Because we’ve grown up in a digital world, we prefer to navigate hard things via the path with the least friction. Our easy-way-out preference makes team dynamics hard, relationships messy, and communication choppy.


We often believe:

If you lose on a team, there’s more to repair.

If you lose alone, at least no one notices.

If you win on a team, you have to share the glory.

If you win alone, the glory’s all yours.


We’re independent, self-made millennials dammit!


Well, here I am one year later, and I can confidently say that teamwork really does equal dreamwork.


Humans are not obstacles to dodge; They’re actually the ONLY way I’ll win.


Growth teams at CTC are built around the concept that everyone is an expert at their role, but each individual cannot thrive or succeed without the other. When each person has complete ownership at what they do but is reliant upon their teammates to create effective output, trust becomes the center of that team culture.


I’m so enamored by the process of creating effective, trust-based teams, that it has become one of my greatest passions and the center of my own dream. I could dialogue all day about all the things I’ve learned about teamwork, the embarrassing ways I’ve failed as a team member, and the insatiable itch I have to become a serial team builder. Next time though.


Not only has CTC helped cure my one-woman-band syndrome, but they’ve taught me that personal milestones are a team win, and therefore worth celebrating collectively! Every new CTC hire gets a flag to post up on their desk. And on their work-iversary every year, they get a pin to add to their flag.


Here’s a photo of my very first CTC teammate and I with our flags and first-year pins!