“CTC is A Best Place To Work in 2019,” says Glassdoor + Our Team

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Dec. 05 2018

We’re so pleased to announce that Common Thread Collective has been recognized among Glassdoor’s Employees Choice Awards as one of the Best Places To Work in 2019.

What makes us extra proud about this accolade is that it comes not after an application process or self-nomination, but only after our team members anonymously shared their impressions of our workplace on Glassdoor.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, but that starts with those within our building. We invest in, care for, and support our people, and the hope is that in turn, they would invest back in us. To hear such overwhelming positive feedback means that we’re hitting the ultimate KPI - and that Glassdoor has recognized us for it is icing on the cake!

Just a few of the latest:

“I've worked in many industries and at several different brands/agencies and I've never come across a place like this...This is an environment where we can openly speak with the partners about any concerns we have so if there's advice, we feel comfortable giving it.”

“You're probably thinking the same thing I was thinking when I first looked up Common Thread Collective, "How can it be possible that one company has nothing but 5-star reviews? Are they fake? How much are they paying for reviews? Is this some kind of weird cult?" The answer is no to all three. I can honestly say after working here that the hype is real. Working at CTC is a dream come true to me.”

“This is without a doubt the best company I will ever work for. I had heard this place was amazing but actually being apart of it is something special. CTC's mission is to "Help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams." I remember reading that and thinking it was pretty cool but wondering how important it really was in the day-to-day.

Turns out that concept drives the whole operation. It's apart of how we make decisions, how we relate to clients, and how we approach our daily task lists. Employees at CTC are all pretty genuine people that are fun to be around. The leadership team shows how much they care by taking the time out of their day to encourage you, give advice and teach you on your accounts and benefits are amazing.”

Thank you to our incredible team that fosters our incredible culture, this one’s for you!