7 Holidays To Capitalize On That Aren’t In November or December

The Christmas trees have long since met their final curbside resting places, the decorations returned to dusted storage, and the surging ocean of gift returns have by now subsided to a slow trickle. The golden holiday season is behind us, friends. So now what?


Unless you’re in the fitness space, the post-holiday business blues are REAL. We’ve stuffed ourselves silly, and now it’s time to recommit and refresh, and detox all the rest. The crazy seasonal consumption fades, and sales inevitably decline.


And you planned for this. You knew that things would die down after New Years and your projections for 2018 accounted for the Q1 slump.


But thankfully there are other U.S. holidays to capitalize on in the ten months or so until 2018’s Q4 party kicks off!


Valentine’s Day (2/14)



As Cupid’s arrow slings paired up customers and loved ones into gift-giving, Valentine’s Day (or “Hallmark’s Greatest Invention” depending on your personal feelings) is the perfect next holiday to promote your brand or product. With nearly $20 billion spent for Valentine’s Day, it’s not a holiday reserved for just jewelry, chocolate, and flower companies. No, no, no! If your product or service makes an excellent gift—and I’m sure it does—then this holiday is for you!


Distracted by the hearts in their eyes or swept up by the lovey-doveiness of it all, consumers are more likely to make more impulsive, sentimental, and sometimes pricier choices equating to shorter sales funnels and higher AOVs. And there’s no reason your product couldn’t get in on that action.


Make sure to be social! Capitalize on thematic, festive elements in your creative and copy. Position your product as “The Perfect Gift For Your Valentine.” Send emails. Offer promotions. And if possible, guarantee shipping by 2/13 and 2/14 for last-minute shoppers.


Mother’s Day (5/13/18) / Father’s Day (6/17/18)



Not unlike Valentine’s Day, honoring Mom or Dad comes with a host of motivated shoppers hoping to give back to the men or women who gave them so much. And… if your product or service makes an excellent gift—and I’m sure it does—then these holidays are for you!


Though Mother’s Day brings in comparable sales to V-Day, there are no constraints on a potential customer’s relationship status to consider when targeting, although gender-specific factors are at play. If your product is more for women, invest more heavily in Mother’s Day advertising.


Optimize your Google AdWords account for keywords like “Mother’s Day Gifts,” “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas,” and “Gift/Gifts For Mom.” Send emails. Create gift guides. Offer promotions and maybe some “FREE Gift Wrapping.” Guarantee shipping before 5/13/18 and allocate ad dollars to messaging that highlights the “LAST DAY To Order In Time For Mother’s Day!”


Though the potential for sales dips a little for Father’s Day (sorry dads!), Father’s Day is the only holiday explicitly for men, and there’s still over $15 billion spent by consumers—and not just on ties or power tools! So if your product is more for men, make sure to capitalize on this manly mid-year opportunity. Using similar strategies and promotions as Mother’s Day, help customers take the guesswork out of gift-giving and tell them to choose you!


Back To School



Ah, school… the clang of the lockers, the chatter in the hallways, bulging backpacks and the hope of a new year. Not a holiday so much as a mini-season, BUT it’s also another time of motivated purchasing. Think of it as an appetizer before your massive, rich holiday season main course.


In 2017, reports estimated that back-to-school spending would reach $27 billion, and though that spending is not entirely online, a significant portion of it did transfer away from department stores and to online retailers.


Unlike Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, these consumers aren’t looking for gifts. They tend to prep and plan for the entire school year which means that back-to-school shoppers tend to buy at a higher volume, but they also expect to be incentivized to do so. So, promotions are crucial here: % off discounts, BOGO (Buy one, Get one) deals, and free shipping.


Socially Relevant, Honorable Mentions:


St. Patrick’s Day

Still in Q1! Highlight products that are green, gold, or fall within the ROYGBIV spectrum.


Memorial Day/Summer Solstice

Who doesn’t love summer? Celebrate the sun’s triumphant return with consumers.


Fourth of July

Our entire nation comes together to commemorate what it means to be American. Join them in that.


Ok, so to recap:


This post-holiday season is not the time to rest on your laurels or panic as sales decline (that happens to every company outside of the fitness industry). Keep your energy up and your momentum aimed at these other holidays as opportunities not only to increase revenue but to stay top-of-mind for customers year round.





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