5 Unmissable Moments From Gary Vee At CTC

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

May. 29 2018

You may have heard that Gary Vaynerchuk came to CTC. Don’t have time to watch all 45 minutes of Gary’s video? Great news!

We’ve distilled his talk into 5 key takeaways.


  1. CTC loves our community of entrepreneurs. Thanks to all who came out!
  2. Start with the end in mind—you are only as effective as your goal.
  3. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal was a non-event. Period.
  4. Facebook long-form video is the best type of content to create. We’re talking 60-120 seconds of engaging, informative content.
  5. We are living in the golden age of digital advertising—buy as fast as you and as often as you can to acquire as many customers as possible.

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