3 Ways to Improve Your Ads, RIGHT NOW.

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jul. 30 2019

We all know it can be hard to make your ads stand out from the rest in such a saturated market. Thanks to our agency partnership with Facebook, we have some inspiring, creative success stories to help your brand cut through the clutter. Drawing on these digital strategies, our designers here at CTC focus on making an impact with the ads we create for our clients. 

Ready to improve your ads using these tried-and-true digital marketing strategies? Here’s how: 



Make your ads reach the masses. Be quick and clear. Think: what would the elevator pitch be for your brand if you had 15 seconds to communicate it to a stranger?

INTRODUCE IT | Would your ad idea benefit from a badass introduction? Or perhaps there is something to tease out? Give your product a personality of its own!


HIGHLIGHT IT | Does the ad idea have a central product, moment, or benefit that could be focused on? What are the value props? Educate the consumer on what these are!


DEMONSTRATE IT | Would the ad idea benefit from a clever demo of the product, moment of benefit? Show your viewers exactly how the product is used in order to maximize the value.



We all like to play on our phones... and engaging, interactive content keeps us there even longer. Why not take this concept and carry it into the creation of your ads? How can you make people want to play with the idea of your ad on their own?

GAMIFY IT | Create an ad that allows the consumer to have fun while exploring the brand. This type of ad will leave a lasting impression. Even if the ad doesn’t convert in that moment, it’s very likely that the viewer will remember the experience they had and therefore create strong brand awareness.


EXPLORE IT | Making an experience that feels unique to the consumer is everything! Letting the viewer choose their own path makes them feel like the hero/decider of their own life, not your brand. No one really likes to be told what to do, so let them decide how your product can be right for them.


SOCIALIZE IT | Giving the viewer the ability to interact with others who may have the same interests, concerns, problems that need solving, etc. can help develop trust and community around your brand. Utilize community management to monitor and interact in these discussions to push this value prop even further.



How do you make your ads captivating? Use long-form video and deep interactivity to inspire consumers to take action, make a difference, and personalize your product to leave a lasting impression.

DEEPEN IT | Which stories are at the heart of what drives your brand? What are the passions and interests that inspire your audience? What’s the story behind the story?


PARTNER IT | What are some fun ways to use other elements in your ads to help illustrate your brand values? We’re all about making ads native to the feed lately with the use of stickers, emojis, and IG story fonts.


Like we always say here at Common Thread Collective… TEST EVERYTHING! What doesn’t work in one audience may completely crush it in another – so the more options you have, the better. 

Now here’s our pitch: Let’s work together to create captivating, playful ads.