3 Ways CTC Incentivizes Employees To Make Our Mission Theirs (And Ways You Can Do The Same)

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Sep. 22 2017

Our take on corporate culture goes way beyond offering “unlimited vacation” and a trendy office space (although an abundant supply of La Croix available at all times never hurts).


We believe the magic happens when employees establish ownership of our mission.


So in the spirit of sharing that magic, we’re sharing three ways Common Thread Collective fosters an environment where employees are loyal, passionately motivated by the success of our clients, and head over heels for what we do.


Take these examples as fodder for the next genius step you’re going to take to boost collective morale, and ultimately set yourself apart from other companies in your space.


#1 Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Effective Onboarding


  • Slow clap new hires on their first day.
  • Take them out to lunches.
  • Give them company swag.
  • Bestow a nickname upon them.


Whatever you do, make them feel irreplaceable.


At CTC, the onboarding process includes a two-week training period, where new hires shadow someone in their respective role and meet with different team members each day to learn processes, ask questions, and gain perspective. Yes, we give them real tasks with real deadlines for real clients, but they aren’t hung out to dry and expected to perform without context or support.


TIP: Regardless of where your new employee falls in the chain of command, get creative in making their welcome experience personal. Also, don’t be afraid to overcommunicate so that they aren’t left to make any assumptions.


#2 Level The Playing Field


Now that you’ve got a loyal employee, it’s time to motivate them to work hard and drive revenue. Here’s one way we do it.


CTC has a branch called 4×400, where we develop brands that are created by our own team members and are supported by the internal resources of CTC. All team members are personally invested because their incentive is directly tied to the success of each startup brand. Employees of CTC are all part of a profit-sharing pool for profits earned by the 4×400 arm of the business. Each team member’s percentage share is based on their length of tenure with CTC. When the 4×400 arm of the business results in a profitable month, profits are distributed to the team members the following month.


This profit-share model is unique to CTC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get crafty and find something that works for you.


TIP: Find something incentivizing that is unique to what you do, points everyone toward a shared goal, and gives your employees long-term vision.


#3 Celebrate Success


Just as each Monday at CTC starts with an all-company meeting, we round out Fridays with a recap meeting. Teams report on whether they accomplished their “One Thing” (or top priority) for the week, and commendations follow.


It goes something like this:


Account strategist Andrew says, “Chips to Devin for the way she navigated that conversation with that client the other day. I was super impressed by her professionalism and patience.” CTC “chief of staff” Cory throws account manager Devin a small magnetic chip that she adds to her growing collection.


If they’re feelin’ lucky, employees can then gamble those chips in the weekly raffle for a chance to win gift cards. The amount increases every week there isn’t a winner.


Everyone loves a good dose of public affirmation, and everybody loves cash. Friday commendations are a weekly reiteration of something that is central to our culture: everybody knows that what they’re contributing is critical to the success of the company and ultimately to their clients.


TIP: Develop a weekly rhythm that encourages employees to actively celebrate success and celebrate each other.


To stand out as leaders in your industry, you have to be the BEST at what you do. In our case, we’re driven to be the best in the world at driving online sales. What makes us the best? Employees who have made this mission their own.


At CTC we’ve found that making your collective mission the personal mission of every employee is essential for fostering a corporate culture that sets you far above other companies in your space.

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