3 Unique Ways Your Brand Can Win On Paid Social In 2019

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jun. 19 2019


Shopify and Common Thread Collective joined forces to host an exclusive event around the topic of Facebook Ads as it relates to your E-Commerce business at Shopify's flagship space in Los Angeles. 

Specifically, we breakdown three relevant brand case studies where Facebook advertising is being leveraged in unique and untraditional ways to successfully scale e-commerce businesses in 2019.

Featuring the team from Common Thread:
  • Taylor Holiday - Managing Partner
  • Andrew Faris - VP of 4x400
  • Nick Shackelford - Director of Strategy
  • Savannah Sanchez - Digital Marketing Manager

Named one of Glassdoor's Best Places To Work, Common Thread Collective is an online sales agency that focuses on the entirety of the e-commerce experience and has managed more than $100 million in Facebook advertising, delivering over $250 million in client revenue in 2018.

View the Slideshare Presentation HERE