3 Advertising Trends That Are Transforming eCommerce in 2019

Staying on top of new digital marketing trends is hard work. Luckily, we’ve identified the latest and greatest eCommerce tactics for you.

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Savannah Sanchez returns to the Common Thread HQ after speaking on the SheCommerce stage at Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona. Affiliate World is the biggest digital marketing conference on the continent of Europe, meaning that the world’s biggest digital advertising trends come out of this conference. 

Savannah breaks down the top marketing trends identified at Affiliate World, that are currently shaping and disrupting eCommerce advertising worldwide. 

Here’s the 3 key takeaways:

  1. The relationship between your designer and ad buyer is the most crucial for success.
  2. Messenger Bots are the latest and greatest improvement on Facebook to improve both customer service and customer product discovery. 
  3. Instagram Story polls are an interactive way to drive engagement and increase conversions. 

At Common Thread Collective, we are actively applying these strategies to our ad accounts and are quickly reaping the benefits to grow and scale our client’s eCommerce businesses. 

Want to apply these strategies to grow your own brand? Let’s work together.



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