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How to Build a Successful 2023 Holiday Strategy

Q4 success starts in Q3, and the most successful brands on Black Friday all plan their entire marketing effort around four distinct revenue “mini-peaks” within the holiday season. On this episode, Richard talks with Luke Austin & Steve Rekuc, breaking down our four-part plan to tackle BFCM for our clients in 2023.

Ecommerce Strategy, Podcast 38 min Watch

2023 Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Strategy:
The 4 Peaks of the 4th Peak

The secret to building a winning holiday strategy in 2023: Breaking down the season into four key peaks, and developing a four-pronged strategy for each.

Ecommerce Strategy, BFCM 2023 14 min Read
Holiday Facebook Marketing Ad Examples for your 2023 BFCM Strategy

Beauty & Cosmetics Industry Trends

Industry Report 30 min Read

Home Furnishing Industry Strategy & Data

Industry Report 23 min Read

Attribution Tools Are Hurting Your Acquisition Efforts

Third-party attribution tools are increasingly popular in the ecommerce space. But are they actually doing more harm than good? To find out, we put three popular attribution tools to the test.

Attribution Tools, Ecommerce Strategy, Media Buying 8 min Read

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